Individual Game Regulation

    1. Players need to cooperate with interviews, reporting, video shootings and other WESG related activities.
    2. Player has the responsibility to check the schedule weekly in order to prepare the future matches. WESG staff will notify any major schedule change.
    3. After received the Schedule one week ahead, Team captain needs to make sure that team members be on time.
    4. Any announced match-ups would not be changed unless the tournament committee notifies teams specifically. Players need to arrange the schedule in order to avoid any lateness.
    5. Match only allows playing in the authorized server or platform. Players need to adapt the WESG Internet settings.
    6. Before match starts, players needs to check their IDs and personal information are identical to the submitted information.
    7. Players needs to report to the sites on time, otherwise would be considered abandon the match (Please check each region’s schedule).
    8. 15 minutes before the game would be p1-testing time. If team member does not report on time, it would be consider team or individual give up p1 privilege (substitution can replace absent player).
    9. Player does not show up on time would be considered abandon the match. Unreported player would face penalties according to “General Regulations”, rule 7 and rule 8.
    10. After game starts, any unexpected disconnection and force majeure result in match could not continue, both sides players need to coordinate with each other and seek for agreements. Unwilling to cooperate players will be considered abandon the match. If both sides cannot play the game regularly, the game will be postponed.
    11. Impersonating a player, match fixing, cheating and any other action compromising the integrity of the game will result following consequences.
      1. Players impersonating other players who compete at the WESG as well will result in all gain nullified and disqualification from the tournament.
      2. Non-competing players who involve impersonating a player will result in all gained nullified and disqualification from the tournament. Violated person is subjected to check in the future WESG events.
      3. Impersonated players will face all gained nullified and disqualifation from the tournament.
      4. WESG committee has the rights to change any penalties based on General Regulation rule 29.
    12. After game starts, If teams need to pause the game, they have to make a request on the public channel. The referee on duty will pause the game. If teams or individuals fail to follow the pause rules, Referee will warn them first time and may charged a loss second time.
    13. If any conflicts occurred during the game players need to control their emotion and tried to finish their on going match. Referee on duty will help solve the conflict after the game.
    14. If each side is not able to come to an agreement about disconnection, both sides’ managers need to comfort players emotion and encourage players finish ongoing match. The referee will give explanations to both sides at the end of the day. Referee may request additional matches at the end of the day. If one side is not satisfying the Referees’ decision, it can appeal to the committee in 24 hours.
    15. Player who refuses to play when conflicts occurred would be considered abandon the game. Players who refuse to play the game would also lose the rights to appeal.
    16. After matches, Team managers have rights to keep game videos. Games videos are not allowed to publish in any Commercial purposes. Please check the General regulations rule 30 for additional detailed information.
    17. All teams have the responsibility to complete required matches.
    18. Please check “General Regulations” for unmentioned clauses.
    19. Please check “Game Rule” for each game detail rule.
    20. Any team or individual with evidence can start the appeal process to report the listing behaviors above. Committee will vote and deal with the reported situation according to the appeal process.
    21. The Committee reserves the right to make changes to the rules in advance, and reserves the final interpretation right to the rules.