Game Mode: Standard Mode, Conquest


Expansion cards allowed in Standard mode: Basic, Classic (except Hall of Fame cards), Journey to Un’goro, Knight of Frozen Throne,Kobolds and Catacombs, The Witchwood, Boomsday Project.


Server: Americas


Game Format:
Conquest mode , Best of 5 with 1 ban.
Swiss round until top 4 is determined. The remaining four teams/players will enter a single elimination best of 5 format to determine the winner of the whole tournament.


If there are 2 or more teams with same scores, the ranking of will be determine by following criteria :

    1. Win/Loss Sum
    2. First Tiebreaker Sum
    3. Timing ( The sum of the squares of the rounds in which you lost )

If ranking could not be determined by both criteria, an extra bo5 match will be played to determine the ranking.


Interpretation of the Conquest System:
Each participating athlete must use all of their decks to defeat the opponent before winning the game. When a player wins a game with his/her deck, that deck will be retired and the athlete will be required to use his/her other decks. Players who lose a game can choose to continue using the deck used in the game or choose another deck that has already been submitted. Players will be told which hero classes their opponents may use, but they will not be able to know which hero class the opponent chooses until both sides of the game have completed their hero class choices.


Submission of decklist:
Decklist submission will be done through Battlefy.com. Before match start, players need to submit a screenshot of challenge screen with just 4 decks that will be used during tournament. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and unable to compete for the rest of the tournament. (Updated on 1st November 2018)


The game version will be the current version on the server.


Banned Cards: Wilfred Frizzlebang


Game version and bugs
The game version is replaced: the game will use the latest version of the game, when there are new heroes and cards on the line, the athletes will be allowed to use them. Game BUG: It is forbidden to use the game BUG under the current version. The official has the right to disable the hero or card that causes the BUG. If there is a temporary version update with a BUG card, it will be automatically disabled.


Draw: if both athletes is NOT on their final deck choice and a draw occurs, both players will be awarded a win. If any of the two athletes is on the their FINAL deck choice, the game MUST be replayed & both athletes cannot change their deck choice.


If the athlete loses connection, the crash, the server is dropped, etc., the winner is determined by the following rules:

    1. If the player can kill the opponent in their turn, then the player is declared the winner.
    2. If the player has a very obvious advantage but has not yet reached the point of killing, the referee has the right to decide the winner.
    3. In any other situation, the game must be replayed.