Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Game mode: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive default competitive mode, team competition 5v5, starting money $800, get 16 points to win.


Game format:
The swiss round robin stage is best of 1. Starting team for map veto is determined by coin toss, and the winner is given priority in the map veto. Each team bans 3 maps, and the remaining one is the BO1 game map. Semi finals stage and above will be best of 3. Similarly starting side for map veto is determined by coin toss, winner gets first ban and first pick. Both sides will alternately ban maps until 3 maps remain. Coin toss winner will choose the first played map, the loser chooses the second played map, the third will be used as a decider.


If there are 2 or more teams with same scores, the ranking of will be determine by following criteria :

    1. Total Rounds Difference ( Round Difference = total rounds won – total rounds lost )
    2. Total kills

If ranking could not be determined by both criteria, an extra bo1 match will be played to determine the ranking.


Map pool: de_inferno, de_train, de_mirage, de_nuke, de_cache, de_dust2, de_overpass(in the event of updates, the latest official map pool will be updated as well)


Starting sides: a knife round will be played at the beginning of each round, with the winner choosing the starting side


Specific match configuration:

      1. mp_startmoney 800
      2. mp_roundtime 1.92
      3. mp_freezetime 15
      4. mp_maxrounds 30
      5. mp_c4timer 40
      6. sv_pausable 1 For overtime:
      7. mp_maxrounds 6
      8. mp_startmoney 10000


Molotov and Incendiary Grenades are allowed.
Each player is allowed 4 grenades per round, with 2 flashbangs and one of each other type of grenade. It is forbidden for a player to use more than 1 smoke grenade in a round (except for those that are picked up)


Console commands

      1. cl_bobcycle 0.98 (default value only)
      2. weapon_debug_spread_show forbidden (must be set to 0)
      3. net_graph forbidden (must be set to 0)
      4. weapon_recoil_model forbidden
      5. Mat_hdr_level forbidden


        All adjustments and settings should follow the principles of fair play. There will be strict punishment if players are judged by the marshalls or commitee to have been behaving unfairly.

Only the following changes are allowed:

      1. Brightness Control
      2. Digital Vibrance Control
      3. Contrast Control
      4. GAMMA Control
      5. 3D Setting (Anti- Aliasing, Vertical Sync)
      6. Game Graphic Scale
      7. Sound Control
      8. Mouse Control
      9. Keyboard Control
      10. Headphone Control


Each team is allowed to call two time-outs in one game, one in the first half and another in the second half, 30 seconds for each time-out, time-out is not allowed in overtime. The captain is allowed to call time-out in game, time-out starts while current round ends and timing starts at the same time. Meanwhile, there are 3-minute rest after changeovers or before first round of overtime. There are 2-minute rest for half-time break in overtime.



    1. No scripts are allowed (Including JumpThrow scripts) except for scripts for purchasing weapons/equipment
    2. Any use of bugs judge to be against fair play.
    3. Silent C4.
    4. Irremovable C4, C4 that needed to remove by multi-players is not included.
    5. No clip command is prohibited. Crossing the wall or floor, walking in the roof and walking in the sky are prohibited.
    6. Boosting is allowed. However, boosting by means of transparent map textures (walls, ceilings or floors) or pixelwalking are prohibited.
    7. Accelerating or ascending by shooting teammates are prohibited.
    8. Any character/weapon skins except official CS:GO skins are prohibited.
    9. Note: For violations mentioned above, 3 additional points to opponent for first time violation. i.e. the score between team A and B is 16:14, team B will be the winner if team A violates the rules mentioned above. If the score between team and B is at 16:13, team A and B will have an overtime if team A violates the rules mentioned above. If the score between team and B is at 16:12, team A will still be the winner if team A violates the rules mentioned above. However, two violations in one game will directly lose the game.