Appealing Procedure

    1. Players and staffs having dissents with the match can appeal to the board of referee or board of arbitration.
    2. Appeals can be about unjust treatments, misjudging, forgiving penalties, etc. Appeal process includes appeal in game and appeal after game.
    3. Appeal in game is mainly for unjust treatments from the referees. The appeals should be settled as soon as possible if not interfering the match. Players can appeal after game if the appeals cannot be settled in game.
    4. Appeal after game is mainly for the disputes in game results, misjudging and forgiving penalties. The term of validity for the appeal is 24 hours; the appeals beyond 24 hours are not accepted.
    5. During the appeal process, player cannot pause the game without the permission from referees. If a pause is needed, players must receive consent from the admin. Players pausing without admin’s consent may receive penalties and other serious consequences.
    6. Player raising appeals should collect evidence (e.g. video, photo, screenshot, chat history), send them to the board of arbitration in 24 hours by Committee email: [email protected] , and wait for the arbitration results.
    7. Players need to fill out required information. Board of arbitration will deal with the appeal in two working days, during which athletes should offer assistance.
    8. Board of arbitration will analyze the case with the evidence and vote for the final decision. The decision needs to be passed by at least 2/3 of the members to be effective. The decision from board of arbitration shall be final.
    9. The relevant parties will receive penalties according to the appeal results and rules.
    10. Team or individual cannot appeal for the same issue for more than one time.
    11. The appealing results will be published through official website or other media, and the relevant parties will be informed through phone or email.
    12. The Committee reserves the right to make changes to the rules in advance, and reserves the final interpretation right to the rules.